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Sorry guys, the guestbook is closed for the time being. It will be open later at some point without all the spamming it typically receives. Thank you for all the entries left so far!


2010-02-19 06:13:10 (EET) b from woo

Fantastic! I love it! electroacustic space ambient!


2010-02-19 02:20:59 (EET) b from woo

you should get a better captcha, cause some douchebag spammed the hell out of ya! influenced by the Master DAC Crowell!? I'll check it out!


2010-01-04 18:14:59 (EET) Ishmael from Philadelphia

Hi! Your music is incredible! I really hope you come out with some new music soon!!!


2009-10-24 14:17:19 (EET) gitonwiddit from USA

I hope Herd Forming will not be you last album. I have been awating the follow up with anticipation for years.


2009-10-17 07:41:14 (EET) from

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2009-09-24 12:09:27 (EET) NaPravda from Denmark

I found this website a few years ago. Herd Forming has become one of my favorite ambient albums. You have made a marvellous album which will not grow old. Thank you for your music!


2009-08-30 02:28:56 (EET) Pyramid Head

Your ambient is really touching, organic and beautiful... Like drifting above clouds. Thanks for making such wonderful music. Cheers from Poland :)


2009-07-03 12:27:04 (EET) Alton from USA

Amazing music. Keep up the great work!


2009-05-21 02:24:35 (EET) Goncalo from Lisbon, Pt

I came straight here from Dronezone. Great, deep, multi-layered, multi-dimensional, consciouness-shifting music - my sincere congratulations, and keep up the good work!!


2009-04-20 19:04:52 (EET) Andi from Germany

Good Job, Man, well done. Keep up that great work.


2009-04-19 23:28:33 (EET) obscured from greece

I' love your music. 'Don't bring light into this place' is one of my favorites. Waiting for new stuff!!


2009-04-14 05:33:58 (EET) from

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2009-04-10 17:35:42 (EET) Alex from Earth

Amazing music, also i found up about you on, keep the brilliant work, Bravo!


2009-03-09 02:14:54 (EET) Cinnamologus from Italy

Astonishing music, great vibrations. Well done!


2009-03-09 02:11:52 (EET) Cinnamologus from Italy

Astonishing music, great vibrations. Well done!


2009-02-21 18:19:08 (EET) manfaraway from far away

i heard you work on Drone Zone - SOMAFM via the internet and decided to check you out. i really like your work. peace.


2009-02-14 09:58:17 (EET) tom from gloucester

I play this almost everyday I like it more and more each day I would buy it if it were available I believe in credit where credit is due You should be rewarded for your contribution Others are getting a lot for much less a contribution: I say you should step up to the bar and claim your acolade.any award, honor, or laudatory notice: 2. a light touch on the shoulder with the flat side of the sword or formerly by an embrace, done in the ceremony of conferring knighthood. 3. the ceremony itself. Your music is Sublime.Characterized by lightness and insubstantiality; intangible. Highly refined; delicate. Of the celestial spheres; heavenly. Not of this world; spiritual. Chemistry Of or relating to ether. I look forward to more. Tom.


2008-12-02 20:43:11 (EET) FsIeRqwTCgUgH from VrSDCrpUZfPFcIDy

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2008-11-21 16:28:59 (EET) T from Finland

what is your gear? do you have M1? :)


2008-11-02 00:18:29 (EET) Alpuche from Mexico

Absolutely haunting music... The most beautiful piece of ambient music I have ever heard... Thanks for sharing your soul through music with the rest of humanity.


2008-10-29 09:27:48 (EET) YNIWzrlbsMpJ from OkTehqMXaV

Thanks a lot, dude :)


2008-10-19 10:41:25 (EET) Anonymous

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2008-10-11 21:54:28 (EET) TOM from GLOUCESTERSHIRE

The more I listen to it the more beautiful it sounds.......... Its the most profound music I`ve ever heard and I love it.........heavenly Truly profound. Thank you so much.


2008-10-11 01:14:56 (EET) Dr. Klahn from Germany

Hey Mooma! Thanks so much for "Herd Forming". Believe it or not, I "accidentally" found your album doing a Google search for pictures of ambient artist Thom Brennan... :-) I'm really glad I found this site, "Herd Forming" is a beautiful piece of work, I'm listening to it while tyoing this! I hope you don't mind that i posted the download link @ another forum...


2008-09-14 07:14:39 (EET) SFC Steve from afghanistan

Just what a soldier in Afghanistan needs to remain sane. Peace.


2008-08-15 07:19:10 (EET) Anonymous

Hm, interesting


2008-08-04 17:10:10 (EET) mike from san antonio, tx

Thank you Thank You Thank you for making such beautiful ambient lanscapes!!! it was like christmas morning discovering your music. When music wakes you up filled with hope and serenity...I couldn't help looking you up. Thank Drone Zone for guiding me towards your music. thanks again M


2008-07-15 09:33:43 (EET) BeSou

Our little brother came up with the name "Mooma" for "Emma" and I was looking up the name when I found your music. I really truly love it! It is very relaxing and beautiful. Keep up the good work and I will be back to hear it again! Thanks!


2008-07-15 06:59:09 (EET) Anonymous

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2008-07-15 06:59:05 (EET) Anonymous

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2008-07-15 06:58:59 (EET) Anonymous

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2008-06-07 04:37:02 (EET) Anonymous

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2008-05-05 04:03:11 (EET) Machelle from Adelaide, Australia

I am a Massage Therapist, 'Herd Forming' is the perfect soundtrack for a relaxation massage- my clients love it! Looking forward to hearing more of your work :)


2008-04-05 14:27:35 (EET) Ben from Uk

Very nice music hello dawn horizon in my opinnion is your best track. keep up the good work


2008-03-20 11:49:18 (EET) bomba from arc

best site


2008-03-20 06:10:35 (EET) Ishmael from Philadelphia

Hello! I have been listening to and adoring your album almost every night before I fall asleep. It is truly one of my favorite albums EVER!! Where do you get your inspiration from?? Can you tell us when your next one will be out? Thanks so much for the music!


2008-03-14 17:51:06 (EET) Jay from Crewe, UK

SOMA FM I guess must be doing you proud! I too loved the track I heard on the Drone Zone so just had to look futher and I have to say I adore your music scapes. PLEEEAASE keep up the good work!


2008-03-05 20:32:59 (EET) Gaberax from Baltimore, MD

I have been listening to SOMA FM via the web at work. Loved the "Hello Dawn Horizon" piece and will be looking to purchase some of your albums. Keep up the good work!


2008-03-05 16:21:59 (EET) Mat Mckenzie from UK

Hi, I have been listening to and collecting Electronic Music since about 1979 and making music as 'Hypnotica' since 1990 My 'History of Electronica' started with Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk, 80's Synthpop, Electro, Techno, Ambient, Funk, House & much more - one of my all time fave artists is Steve Roach & your music fits into that category perfectly.... I have just heard "Hello Dawn Horizon" from Herd Forming - it's superb All the best Mat


2008-02-26 21:09:31 (EET) TOM from GLOUCESTERSHIRE UK

I stumbled accross your music a couple of weeks or so ago, I grew up in sixties Birmingham , the music and pics go really nicely , sort of floating back through time, in some I am almost there again.........thanks truly nice. In a word ..........Sublime ;-).


2008-02-20 22:43:46 (EET) Mark M from UK

Hi! Really love your music, hope you're working on something new! ;)


2008-02-08 16:29:13 (EET) Tuomas N from Helsinki

Todella hienon kuuloista materiaalia! :)


2007-12-01 20:50:30 (EET) Tim from CT

I love your music, it makes me just stare out a window for vast quantities of time. I love Phenotype and Shelter. Any other albums going to be released??


2007-12-01 20:50:09 (EET) Tim from CT

I love your music, it makes me just stare out a window for vast quantities of time. I love Phenotype and Shelter. Any other albums going to be released??


2007-11-24 23:59:46 (EET) Catalin Ionescu from Brasov, Romania

Hello. I love your music and that space atmosphere it creates. Outstanding work you are doing!


2007-11-09 21:20:41 (EET) Teemu Ruskeepää from Rovaniemi

Kiitos että kävit Youtube-sivullani!


2007-10-23 06:44:24 (EET) Space Walk from Orion

Simply masterpieces. You should be hailed as a musician.


2007-09-18 06:54:12 (EET) Phillip Wilkerson from Florida

Mooma - Your work is simply gorgeous! Many thanks, both for the beauty of your vision and the inspiration. Best, Phillip


2007-06-13 18:38:43 (EET) TProbe from Norway

Hi again Mooma! Here is a nicer quality of the Dj Friendly stream in 160 kbit Hope the link is working. mms:// If not, try to use "http" instead. TProbe


2007-06-13 18:19:44 (EET) TProbe from Norway (Molde)

Hi Mooma! Well... The tip i gave to DJ Friendly has paid off. He played "Hello Dawn Horizon" in his show last sunday between 0800 and 0900. You are number five on the playlist. Here is the wma link to the radioshow(bad quality) (the first on top in the radio) There are some norwegian radionews in the beginning of the wma stream. TProbe


2007-05-16 04:47:43 (EET) Deepspace from Brisbane, Australia

This is *really* nice- from a fellow ambient composer. downloading album now. come and listen to mine:


2007-05-15 22:47:26 (EET) Mooma from Epsilon Ursae Majoris

I want to thank each and everyone who have so far taken time to share their thoughts in this guestbook. Your supportive comments always make the day brighter. I'm glad you've enjoyed the music! Have a nice space flight!


2007-05-15 17:40:37 (EET) Tprobe from Norway

Is this music made in heaven? It must be :) I just love your work, and i'am waiting for the next album. I took the liberty to email man that calls him self DJfrendly in "NRK RADIO" (That's a National Radio Station here in norway) about you and your music today. If he wants to play the music, he will probably try to contact you about that. He is using this kind of music in his radio programs, and i think he will love your music too. Regards from Tprobe

Reply from Mooma:
Thank you for your faith in my music! I appreciate it, Tprobe! The next album is coming up at some point in the future. I'm not sure when but it's coming!


2007-05-06 09:28:55 (EET) Rick from Jacksonville FL

Superb! Some of the most beautiful ambient soundscapes I've ever heard. (And I've heard a lot!)


2007-04-19 00:48:07 (EET) Ian from uk

Simply fantastic stuff, im going to meditate to it as soon as possible. Best i've heard in a long long time. To a fellow composer.


2007-04-06 00:12:07 (EET) Russell from Jacksonville, Florida & Brighton, UK

I'm listening to "Presence" right now on somafm's drone zone....lovely track, will use it on one of faimly road trips this summer somewhere in the US.


2007-03-30 23:36:16 (EET) jampappa from funland

simply, refreshing music. you have your own sound. love it. - jh


2007-03-30 17:20:21 (EET) Graham from London



2007-03-24 18:11:04 (EET) Jonas Thomén from Maidstone, UK

Hello Mooma Yes, your design works fine.. =)


2007-03-19 12:16:47 (EET) Anonymous

I just discovered your website, and I must say, I like it very much. Possibly, because, to my mind, there are some similarities to my style. Great thanks! Best wishes.


2007-03-08 15:25:18 (EET) Anonymous


2006-12-28 17:31:00 (EET) Tange from Scotland

Apologies for not recognising who you were in the StillStream chatroom. Drop in again soon when I'm on


2006-12-11 15:43:03 (EET) A fan

Forgot to mention that I will surely promote this site and your album to my ambient-loving friends. :) Bye for now.


2006-12-11 15:40:13 (EET) A fan from .

Well, I just want to say thank you for sharing this album with the world. This is quality ambient... thanks! Hope to see more of your work downloadable, I'm poor you see ;)


2006-10-26 04:58:53 (EET) Nik

Just heard one of your magnificent creations on SomaFM. Surely there must be someone out there willing to sign such a talent. This stuff needs to be released on a CD.


2006-10-25 14:44:50 (EET) Kristian from Norway

Your music is breathtakingly amazing. Wow!


2006-10-23 06:46:37 (EET) Darrell Burgan

Nice music, a pleasure to play it on StillStream! Cheers, Darrell


2006-09-26 20:24:51 (EET) samuel from earth

Gorgeous. Thanks for the tunes.


2006-09-22 19:59:10 (EET) neutrinoma from USA

Inspires the reds, oranges, yellows, blues in my paintings. Keeps me flying in air/space. With you I can always look for my "Dawn Horizon"...FABULOUS sound! NeutrinoMa


2006-09-12 08:54:36 (EET) fedor71 from Oulu

I really like your music. It gives me harmony. Keep up good work.


2006-08-03 14:07:17 (EET) Yoga Kills

Awesome music, keep up the spirit.


2006-06-28 01:11:37 (EET) Jonas Thomén from Jakobstad, Finland / Maidstone, UK

I like your music, at least the tracks I heard so far. Keep up the good work! (...and feel free to check out mine too...) / Jonas (of Ambient Light)


2006-06-12 23:42:46 (EET) from

Incredible.. Ken


2006-06-11 23:57:32 (EET) k from earth

this music helps me to concentrate to my science studies thanks :)


2006-05-30 22:25:00 (EET) Mooma from Sol

Signal was lost. Communication line working again.


2006-05-06 16:32:17 (EET) Anonymous from 3C 405.0

3C 405.0 - Mooma, Yykoo. Is it alright if we test communications channels?

Reply from Mooma:
YK OK [static]